Ludum Dare aftermath

posted on 10 December 20 by admin

Hello all,

The Ludum Dare Compo #19 event took place last weekend, and we decided to give it a shot. Only recently we started to dwell on game development so it was the perfect opportunity for us to develop our skills and learn from the other guys participating.

We (kind of) finished our entries (you can check them here and here), reaching a somewhat playable state.

It was such a good experience, that we think we should do this more often, even if not on an official level. Having to do everything by ourselves allows us to better grasp all the steps needed to complete a game (albeit in a simplified form), and to practice our skills in all related fields no matter how we good/bad we are at them.

That being said, we are back to work on our first release for android: Thumb Riders!


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