GGJ2011 in Retrospect

posted on 11 February 1 by admin

The Global Game Jam 2011 is over and let’s be honest about it: It was awesome! Everyone that showed up here in Portugal was extremely motivated to actually do a game and work as part of a team.

After the brilliant brainstorming session we came up with a game concept and defined the team roles. We ended up with 4 programmers, 2 graphic artists, and 2 composers (yes, we were surprised! two awesome musicians!). And off we went!

The Jam theme was extinction, so we came up with a concept that involved driving an alien ship to the core of various planets to extinguish life in the entire universe. The player had to dodge the existing tunnels and control the ship descent, in order to avoid an early explosion.

The next two days were very nice. Everyone was very dedicated to their stuff, and we were all swimming in the same direction.

One of the things that impressed us the most was the impact that the two musicians (who were best in their thing than anyone else on the team) had. The music produced was of quality, and greatly boosted our morale. Of course, it also gave us a glimpse of the value having full-time artists can bring to a game development team.

All in all, we managed to make a working prototype, and even with it not being complete, the experience added great value to anyone involved.

You can head here and check out the result, the source and all the assets produced (please, check out the soundtrack, it deserves!)


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