Game Analytics

posted on 12 March 10 by bmfs

Playtesting sessions can give us valuable information and help us tune our game. And the ones we conducted were no exception. However there are valuable aspects which your test players can’t give you simply because they aren’t aware of them. Some gameplay patterns only emerge when you have higher number of players, which usually only happens after releasing the game.

Two weeks have passed from the initial release of ColorFusion and some significant gameplay data is starting arrive (Thanks to our Russian Friends).

The collected data show us a drop in players in every level, which we think is normal. But in level 7 we see a bigger drop, and we also notice the average time to solve that same level rises a bit. On level 10 and 11 we experience a even bigger drop in players and even bigger rise in the average time.

This drastic changes should indicate that something is wrong in our level progression. Too many users are getting stuck in this levels and they won’t progress. This demands some action and we are working on it!

CF Analytics

This is a simple example of what metrics you can get from your game and used them to improve the experience you deliver. You can use services like Google Analytics and Playtomic or you can build your own service. Tracking player actions in your game can help you improve your level progression, find out issues you never thought you had.


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