Status update

posted on 12 April 10 by jrrt

Hello, we have been a little silent for the past month, but we haven’t been resting. These past few weeks were filled with game jam awesomeness.

First off, we joined up at Vasco’s place (our friendly musician for color fusion) for a private game jam. And what have we done there you ask? We have made a prototype game starring the first king of Portugal.

We wanted to do something different, so we started to go through portuguese history and legends for inspiration. Eventually, we went with the birth of our country, heavily inspired by this video. The actual result can be seen here.

After this little adventure, along came the molyjam. We packed our things and went to Lisbon for this awesome event! We did not know what to expect, especially with the wacky themes, but eventually it all worked out. We teamed up with a graphic artist and with a guy that went to the jam to learn how game making worked. In the end, this was the result.

The mechanics could have worked a little better, but at least we tried something different. All in all I think it was a great experience, especially the part of meeting new people that are also interested in making games.

Speaking of game jams, the 23rd Ludum Dare is right around the corner and we are looking forward to participate 😀

In the meantime, we are working on the next color fusion update so, expect news soon 🙂


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