On the importance of writing

posted on 12 March 9 by jrrt

Over the last weeks, we have been thinking of where to go with Color Fusion. This is no longer the wild “what is this game going to be?” thing, but a sincere try to improve the game to the best of our ability. So, we need to understand exactly what we are trying to improve, and what plan we are going to follow to achieve it.

When taking these decisions, writing down our conclusions (or lack thereof) helps us, as the indie “jacks of all trades” we have to be, not to lose focus on our goals while we are doing  our tasks. It helps us in not having to re-think where we want to go with the visual effects after we are finished writing tutorial code. It helps us in not forgetting what aspects of gameplay we want to refine after we finish making adjustments in our level editor. Well, you get the idea.

In certain circumstances we may not even know the correct decision, but writing down the possibilities might be a great help. Doing this might even help us understand the problem better, and help us down the road when we are making play-testing or analyzing “real-world” data.

Of course, I also think that what is written should not be treated as something carved in stone but rather as a guide. Just because your current roadmap tells you to do something in a specific way, it doesn’t mean you cannot deviate from the initial plan if it fits or makes the game better. After all, your gut feeling and judgement capabilities are very important tools when making games.

The Future of the Present is the Past!

posted on 11 May 25 by admin

… or the Past of the Present is the Future.

You pick your favorite.

Do First, Ask Later

posted on 11 May 9 by admin

There’s no better way to start.

Mantra #1

What we are up to

posted on 11 January 7 by admin

In the last months, we have been taking our first steps in the world of game development. We started out by trying to make a 3D platform game, but as we started to progress, we realized there is much we need to learn and decided to start from the bottom up. As I recall someone saying on a game development article, we need to make 10 “bad” games before we can make a “good” one.

So, we are not exactly looking forward to make “bad” games, but to start experimenting with simple formulas and known mechanics in order to learn as much as we can, and take each game we make a little step forward.

As we have already mentioned in a previous post, our first released to the public was Thumb Riders. Our main objective was to experiment Android as a gaming platform, and get used to the stuff we need to do. You can access it on the Android Market using the code below.

Next, we decided to pick and existing mechanic and implement it on the android. We made a simple ball avoiding game called “Avoid” and published it. This time we added drawn graphics and started to experiment with the awesome andengine. Just like in Thumb Riders you can get it on the market using the code:

The result: Two weeks, two games! In the meantime we got ourselves around the basics of dealing with all the aspects of a simple game and are ready to give another little step forward.

Our next objective is to create a fun game that is distinct from what is already available. Our idea is still in a conceptual stage, so we will talk about it in more detail later on.

Thanks for reading!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” (Lao Tzu) And we are about

posted on 10 November 14 by admin

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” (Lao Tzu)

And we are about to do it!